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BBC Radio 4

14th January 1980

14.02 - 15.00: Woman's Hour with Sue MacGregor

  • Once I was an Advertising Executive, Note I am a Miller: MICHAEL HEYCOCK talks tO DAVID SIMMONS.
  • Shoe Leather Treatment: BILL THOMAS tells his own story of his fight for sanity
  • Public race. Private Philosophy: IRENE HANDL
  • Reading Your Letters.
  • Better than Textbooks: JILL COCHRANE meets some young people who have been abroad on exchange visits.
  • The Grass Harp (5) Editor WYN KNOWLES long wave only


  • Unknown: Sue MacGregor
  • Talks: Michael Heycock
  • Unknown: David Simmons.
  • Unknown: Bill Thomas
  • Unknown: Jill Cochrane
  • Editor: Wyn Knowles