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Who Saw Him Die?
File:OleDoleDoff poster.jpg
Directed byJan Troell
Written byClas Engström (also novel)
Jan Troell
Bengt Forslund
Produced byBengt Forslund
StarringPer Oscarsson
CinematographyJan Troell
Release date
18 March 1968
Running time
110 minutes

Who Saw Him Die? (Swedish: Ole dole doff) is a 1968 black-and-white Swedish film about a liberal teacher struggling with the demands of teaching a classroom of unruly children. The screenplay is by Clas Engström, based on his own novel. The film won the Golden Bear at the 18th Berlin International Film Festival in 1968.[1]


  • Per Oscarsson - Sören Mårtensson
  • Ann-Marie Gyllenspetz - Anne-Marie
  • Kerstin Tidelius - Gunvor Mårtensson
  • Bengt Ekerot - Eriksson
  • Harriet Forssell - Mrs. Berg
  • Per Sjöstrand - Headmaster
  • Georg Oddner - Georg
  • Catti Edfeldt - Jane
  • Bo Malmqvist - Bengt


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