Hey. I've a announcement to make: cyber-bullying shouldn't be a thing on websites on DeviantART, neither on the internet. I mean, I am on a search for role-playing partners to do my favorite RP subject (which I refuse to mention out in the open for good reason) with, but isn't spreading awareness of autism via RP more of a cause than being grounds for suspending or banning? Even then, I never wanted to harm the DeviantART community. Everyone who is on the internet, I want you to make sure that these petitions signed and shared with (like I did in Facebook) in various different websites (just not on DeviantART).

This petition reveals that someone is banning people just for standing up to cyber-bullying:


And this petition needs a lot more support:


Be it from Discord, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Patreon (but not DeviantART), I'd have to say, we need to speak up now for DeviantART to save it from the cause of the corruption of this site.

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