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Swan Lake is an American animated musical fantasy romantic comedy-drama film.


A young princess named Odette lives in a palace with her father, King William.

Odette, along with her rabbit, Maria went into the forest where Rothbart and his henchmen are banished by her father. Rothbart turns her into a swan and flew off. Twig, Jean-Bob, Speed, Grey and Hanna finds her as a swan


  • Lindsay Lohan as Odette (Disney character)
  • Jack Quaid as Prince Daniel
  • Jamie Foxx as Rothbart
  • Brittany Snow as Grey, Odette's friend who transforms into a wolf due to Rothbart's spell
  • Jamie Kennedy as Vlad, A former con-man who transforms into a fox due to Rothbart's spell
  • Angelica Bridges as Hanna, Twig's older sister and former saleswoman who transforms into a mouse due to Rothbart's spell
  • Jim Belushi as Twig, Hanna's brother and former salesman who transforms into a bat due to Rothbart's spell
  • Martin Short as Jean-Bob, a Wood carver who transforms into a frog due to Rothbart's spell
  • Ray Romano as Speed, a con-man who transforms into a turtle due to Rothbart's spell


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It was announced to make a movie for 2020.

Home media

It was released on Blu-ray Tape and DVD on January 12, 2021

Video games

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