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Santo Contra los Zombis
File:Santo contra los zombies.jpg
Directed byBenito Alazraki
Written by
  • Benito Alazraki
  • Antonio Orellana
  • Fernando Osés
Produced byAlberto López
  • Santo
  • Armando Silvestre
  • Jaime Fernández
  • Dagoberto Rodríguez
CinematographyJosé Ortiz Ramos
Edited byJose Silva
Distributed byAzteca
Release date
  • 1962 (1962)
Running time
85 minutes

Santo contra los Zombis (also known as Santo vs. the Zombies) is a 1962 Mexican film directed by Benito Alazraki. It depicts the popular character El Santo in a pulp style film.


After the police are unstable to stop a crime wave by zombies, they turn to Santo for help.


  • Santo as Santo / the Saint
  • Armando Silvestre as Lt. Sanmartin / Lt. Savage
  • Jaime Fernández as Det. Rodriguez
  • Dagoberto Rodríguez as Det. Chief Almada
  • Irma Serrano as Det. Isabel
  • Carlos Agostí as Genaro / Uncle Herbert
  • Ramón Bugarini as Rogelio / Roger, the male nurse
  • Fernando Osés as Dorrell, zombified wrestler
  • Eduardo Bonada
  • Eduardo Silvestre
  • Julián de Meriche
  • Alejandro Cruz as Black Shadow, a wrestler (as Black Shadow)
  • Gory Guerrero as Wrestler (as Gori Guerrero)
  • Sugi Sito as Wrestler
  • El Gladiador as Wrestler


This was one of the earliest Santo films and the first to be distributed in the US.[1]


Writing in The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle said, "The adventure movie with its comic-book plot, hero, and villain is fun to watch in an MST-3K spirit".[2]


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