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PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad was a Bulgarian professional football club based in Blagoevgrad.

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Makedonska slava

Makedonska slava badge

Club was founded in 1928 as Makedonska Slava ("Macedonian Glory"). In 1948 the club joined the newly established FD Julius Dermendzhiev and cease its independent existence. In 2000 Makedonska Slava was restored after unification with Granit Stara Kresna.

In 2002-03 season was successful for the club, which finished 2nd, and won promotion to the A PFG for first time in the club's history.

Pirin Blagoevgrad

Pirin badge 2004–2006

Several years later, under the hand of the new owner Nikolay Galchev, the football club renamed to Pirin 1922 in the 2004/05 season and returned again to top flight football for the next, 2005-06 season. In autumn 2006 the club's name was once again renamed to PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad.[1] The following 2007/08 season, Pirin Blagoevgrad won the Western B PFG and the club joined the A PFG.


In December 2008, club was merged with FC Pirin, which played in the Western B PFG. The new club was named FC Pirin Blagoevgrad and is officially the rightful holder of the club records of the former Pirin, which has played more than 20 seasons in the top flight.[2]

Notable Players[]

The following players included were either playing for their respective national teams or left good impression among the fans.

Bulgaria Nikolay Bodurov Bulgaria Stanislav Manolev Bulgaria Iliyan Mitsanski

Bulgaria Ivan Ivanov

Bulgaria Yordan Yurukov Argentina Germán Pietrobon

Bulgaria Svetoslav Dyakov

Bulgaria Georgi Georgiev Bulgaria Evgeni Yordanov

Bulgaria Atanas Nikolov

Bulgaria Kostadin Gerganchev Bulgaria Ivan Stoychev

Note: For a complete list of PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad players, see Category:PFC Pirin Blagoevgrad players.


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