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Les Patterson Saves the World is a 1987 Australian comedy film starring Barry Humphries as his stage creations Sir Les Patterson and Dame Edna Everage.


The uncouth Sir Les Patterson, played by Barry Humphries, teams up with Dame Edna Everage (again played by Barry Humphries) to save the world from a virulent bioterror attack ordered by Colonel Richard Godowni of the Gulf State of Abu Niveah.



The film was co-written by Humphries with his third wife Diane Millstead, and directed by George Miller of The Man from Snowy River fame.

The film was originally meant to be made by Thorn EMI in Britain but was eventually established in Australia with entirely Australian money.[4]

Box Office

Les Patterson Saves the World grossed $626,000 at the box office in Australia.[5] "It was a disaster of major proportions," said Jonathan Chissick of Hoyts, who distributed the film in Australia.[4] David Stratton wrote in 1990, "The gala opening was an embarrassing occasion, and it is still rumoured in the industry today that the Federal Treasurer Paul Keating, who attended, was so angry that he decide to end rorts in the film industry."[4]

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Critical reception

Michael Adams included Les Patterson Saves The World on his list of "worst ever" Australian films.[6]

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