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File:Gourock greengrocers ext.jpg

In front of a greengrocer's shop in Gourock, Scotland

File:Fruteria de la Esquina.jpg

Greengrocer's shop in Buenos Aires.

A greengrocer, also called a produce market or fruiterer, is a retail trader in fruit and vegetables; that is, in green groceries.[1] Greengrocer is primarily a British and Australian term, and greengrocers' shops were once common in cities, towns and villages. They have been affected by the dominant rise of supermarkets, but many can be found managing small shops or stores in towns and cities and in some villages. Greengrocers can also be found in street markets and malls, or managing produce departments at supermarkets. Such traders typically handle the entire business of buying, selling, and book-keeping themselves.

A syndicated television segment entitled "The Green Grocer" featured consumer advocate Joe Carcione, advising viewers on how to best shop for fruits and vegetables. This popular segment aired during the 1970s and 1980s in the United States and Canada.[2]

Greengrocers' apostrophe[]

Because of its misuse on greengrocers' signs, an apostrophe used incorrectly to form a plural — such as apple's, orange's or banana's — is known as a greengrocers' apostrophe.[3]

File:Greenrocer's Interior.jpg

Interior of a greengrocer's shop in Stroud, Gloucestershire


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