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Fu Yuanhui (Script error: No such module "Lang-zh".; born January 7, 1996) is a Chinese competitive female swimmer who specializes backstroke.[1]

Early life[]

On January 7, 1996, Fu was born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. She is the only daughter to her parents Fu Chunsheng (付春昇) and Shen Ying (沈英).[2]

Fu started swimming at the age of 5.[3] [4]

Swimming career[]

2012 Summer Olympics[]

At the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, she competed in the Women's 100 metre backstroke, finishing in 8th place in the final.

2015 World Championships[]

File:Kazan 2015 - Victory Ceremony 4×100m medley relay W.JPG

Fu Yuanhui, left on top step, victory ceremony 4×100m medley relay (2015)

She won the 50 metre backstroke at the World Aquatics Championship in 2015 and helped China win the 4x100 metre medley. In the interview, Fu complained her swimsuit was too tight.[5]

2016 Summer Olympics[]

At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Fu gained popularity and became a swimming icon nationwide.[6]

Fu won a bronze medal in the 100 metre backstroke, by tying for third place with Kylie Masse. Following this medal, her cheerful interviews and goofy demeanor made her very popular.[7][8] Mark Dreyer, a Beijing-based sports writer, noted that Fu exemplified "a positive trend in Chinese sports whereby athletics was undergoing a transition away from "manufactured Olympic champions" from the state-run sports system who were effective at bringing home medals but had cardboard personalities and inspired little devotion among fans'.[9] Her series of facial expressions spread widely in the Internet, and her sayings such as "I've worked all my prehistorical power out!"(Chinese: 我已使出了洪荒之力!)become very popular catchwords.[10][11]

A few days later, after her lackluster performance in the 4x100 m medley relay, she told an interviewer that she was on her period; many commended her decision to speak about this, menstruation being considered a taboo topic in sports.[12][13]

2016 Asian Swimming Championships[]

At the 2016 Asian Swimming Championships, Fu won gold medals for the first time. She won two gold medals in the 50 m and 100 m backstroke and a silver medal in the 4x100 m medley relay.[14][15][16][17] Fu was very joyful to show her medals on her Weibo.[18]

Personal life[]

Since 2016, Fu has been one of the most popular athletes in China. She takes part in some TV talk shows and charity activities. Fu also makes friends with many other swimmers such as Sun Yang and Ye Shiwen.[19][20][21] [22][23][24][25][26][27][28][29][30][31][32]

Personal bests (long course)[]

As of August 9, 2016
Event Time Meet Date Note(s)
50 m backstroke 27.11 2015 World Aquatics Championships August 6, 2015
100 m backstroke 58.76 2016 Summer Olympics August 8, 2016 NR
200 m backstroke 2.08.84 2015 BHP Super Series January 30, 2015


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