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Elizabeth of Hungary (1145-1189), was a Duchess consort of Bohemia, married to Frederick, Duke of Bohemia. Her parents were King Géza II of Hungary and Euphrosyne of Kiev. She served as regent of Bohemia twice in the absence of her spouse.


Elizabeth married Frederick in about the year of 1157. In 1179, Elizabeth served as regent dyring the absence of her spouse and as such successfully conducted the defense of Prague toward her brother-in-law Sobeslav II. She appeared herself on the battle field with clerical signs on her banner. In 1184, she repeated the very same fight toward the very same opponent and was again victorious. In 1189, however, she was forced to surrender to Conrad II.


Helena of Bohemia (b. 1158); engaged to Peter, son of Manuel I Komnenos, in 1164. Sophia of Bohemia (d. 25 May 1185); married Albert III, Margrave of Meissen. Ludmilla of Bohemia (d. 14 August 1240); married, firstly, Adalbert VI, Count of Bogen and had issue; married, secondly, Louis I, Duke of Bavaria and had issue. Vratislaus of Bohemia (d. 1180) Olga of Bohemia (fl. c. 1163) Margaret of Bohemia (d. 28 August 1167)


Elizabeth of Hungary, Duchess of Bohemia

House of Árpád

Royal titles

Preceded by Judith of Thuringia Duchess consort of Bohemia

1172-1173 Succeeded by

Elizabeth of Greater Poland Preceded by Elizabeth of Greater Poland Duchess consort of Bohemia

1178-1189 Succeeded by

Hellicha of Wittelsbach