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This article is about the Pet Shop Boys album. For the Health remix album, see Health::Disco2. For the BBC TV programme, see Disco 2 (TV series).

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Disco 2 is the eighth album by UK electronic music duo Pet Shop Boys. Released in September 1994 by Parlophone Records, it consists of remixes of songs from their 1990 "Behaviour",1993 Very and B-sides from the time.

It was an attempt to showcase their recent remixes and possibly recreate some of the critical success of the earlier remix collection Disco, however Disco 2 is one of the Pet Shop Boys' most poorly received albums by critics and fans. The tracks on the CD were mixed into one long continuous megamix by DJ Danny Rampling. As a result, most of the tracks are in edited versions, having been cut off mid-way through in a crossfade into the following tracks (as a DJ might do while mixing music live). Some of the tracks were reduced by more than half of their original lengths in this way. In addition, some tracks were sped up or slowed down, in order to match the overall tempo of the mix.

Originally, Pet Shop Boys planned to release an expanded version of the 1993 limited album Relentless mixed with their favourite remixes and they got Danny Rampling to try a megamix of Relentless tracks and remixes, but they were not happy with the results.

A limited edition of the album was released in the USA and contained a second CD with b-sides and additional mixes.

Track listing[]

Disco 2[]

  1. "Absolutely Fabulous" (Rollo Our Tribe Tongue-In Cheek Mix) – 0:29
  2. "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" (Beatmasters Extended Nude Mix) – 4:15
  3. "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing" (DJ Pierre Wild Pitch Mix) – 2:59
  4. "Go West" (Heller & Farley Project Mix) – 3:40
  5. "Liberation" (E Smoove 12" Mix) – 6:09
  6. "So Hard" (Morales Red Zone Mix) – 2:48
  7. "Can You Forgive Her?" (Rollo Dub) – 4:03
  8. "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" (Junior Vasquez Fabulous Dub) – 4:54
  9. "Absolutely Fabulous" (Rollo Our Tribe Tongue-In Cheek Mix) – 6:01
  10. "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" (Coconut 1 12" Mix) – 2:12
  11. "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" (Jam & Spoon Mix) – 5:01
  12. "We All Feel Better in the Dark" (Brothers In Rhythm After Hours Climax Mix) – 5:21

USA limited edition bonus CD[]

  1. "Decadence" – 3:55
  2. "Some speculation" – 6:33
  3. "Euroboy" – 4:28
  4. "Yesterday, when I was mad" (RAF Zone Dub Mix) – 5:37
  5. "I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" (7" Mix) – 4:45[3]


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