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"Dance with the Devil" is a solo drum instrumental by Cozy Powell based on the song "Third Stone from the Sun" by Jimi Hendrix. It reached No. 3 in the UK Singles Chart in January 1974.[1] It was recorded as Cozy Powell's session work for RAK was taking off, and as his band Bedlam was finishing. The bass player on the track is Suzi Quatro.

The track is used in the buildup music at Milton Keynes Dons FC, just before the teams come out on to the pitch, showing footage of goals from previous games, players, managers and the odd Marshall amplifier. Marshall's factory is across the road from the stadium.

The track was retitled "Dance with the Drums" for the South Africa release, and UK pressings issued for export to Denmark and Belgium came in picture sleeves, some on blue vinyl.

The song was later covered by drummer Mark Edwards (Steeler, Third Stage Alert, Lion) and released on his all-instrumental EP Code of Honor in 1985.

The song (and the background shouts) forms the basis for the intro of the song "Rasputin" and "Nightflight to Venus" by the group Boney M.


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