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File:Bullet film.jpg
Directed byJulien Temple
Written by'Sir' Eddie Cook
Bruce Rubenstein
Produced byGreg Coote
Graham Burke
John Flock
Roger Paradiso
StarringMickey Rourke
Tupac Shakur
Donnie Wahlberg
CinematographyCrescenzo Notarile
Edited byNiven Howie
Village Roadshow Pictures
Clipsal Films
Distributed byNew Line Cinema
Release date
  • October 1, 1996 (1996-10-01)
Running time
96 minutes
CountryUnited States

Bullet is a 1996 American crime drama film directed by Julien Temple and starring Mickey Rourke, Tupac Shakur, Donnie Wahlberg, Adrien Brody, Ted Levine, and John Enos III. The screenplay was written by Bruce Rubenstein and Rourke, under a pseudonym. The film was released a month after Shakur's murder.

Mickey Rourke was also the music supervisor of the film. It had limited distribution in theaters in the United States. It was shot in New York City with a significant portion done in Brooklyn.


Butch "Bullet" Stein (Mickey Rourke) is a 35-year-old Jewish ex-con who is released from prison after serving an 8-year sentence for being an accomplice to a robbery. After his release he returns to Brooklyn to live with his dysfunctional family, including his alcoholic father, depressed mother, unstable older brother Louis, and his younger brother Ruby, an aspiring artist.

Tank (Tupac Shakur) is a local drug kingpin with a score to settle after Bullet stabbed him in the eye while they were serving time together. Bullet seems to welcome the challenge. In the meantime, he keeps himself occupied by shooting heroin and robbing his neighbor's house for jewelry, which he sells to a gangster named "Frankie Eyelashes".

One night Tank arranges a fight between his henchman and Bullet. The fight ends when the henchman breaks his hand and Bullet returns home where he tells his mother he loves her and he's sorry for everything he put her through over the years. Bullet then has a final showdown with Tank, who shoots him dead. Soon after, Louis gets revenge by cutting Tank's throat and leaving Bullet's pet rat (named Tony Curtis) on the dead body.


  • Mickey Rourke as Butch 'Bullet' Stein
  • Tupac Shakur as Tank
  • Adrien Brody as Ruby Stein
  • Ted Levine as Louis Stein
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Big Balls
  • Suzanne Shepherd as Cookie Stein
  • Jerry Grayson as Sol Stein
  • Manny Perez as Flaco
  • Gina Figueroa as Laura
  • John Enos III as Lester
  • Gene Canfield as Reiner
  • Michael Kenneth Williams as High Top
  • Peter Dinklage as Building manager
  • Jermaine Hopkins as Pudgy

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