Vendox symbol of Astronism

Astronism is a religious philosophy and system of thought followed by people known as Astronists which attaches prime importance to astronomical matters rather than to divine or human affairs. Essentially, Astronism upholds the worldview of cosmocentrism which entails the fundamental notion that the astronomical world, or the totality of outer space, harbours the answers to humanity's existential questions, humanity's salvation, and to humanity's destiny, both in terms of our short to distant future.

Astronist philosophy has been described as astronomical humanism as it holds the tendency to shuttle from humanistic ideals to stances considered anti-anthropocentric. Fundamentally, however, Astronism sees The Cosmos as an animate wholeness in alignment with its organicist worldview. Astronism can be followed as either a religion, a philosophy, a political ideology (specifically known as Astronarianism), or a spirituality.

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