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Afropomus balanoidea is a species of freshwater snail, an aquatic gastropod mollusk in the family Ampullariidae, the apple snails and their allies.

Afropomus balanoidea is the only species in the genus Afropomus.[4] Afropomus is the type genus of the subfamily Afropominae.[5]

Based on the anatomy, mainly that of the reproductive system, Afropomus appears to be a primitive genus within the Ampullariidae.[4] This basal position of Afropomus within Ampullariidae has also been confirmed by molecular phylogeny.[6]

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Subspecies of Afropomus balanoidea include: Afropomus balanoidea balanoidea (Gould, 1850) Afropomus balanoidea nimbae Binder, 1963[4] This subspecies from the Ivory Coast has a higher spire.


The distribution of Afropomus balanoidea includes: Côte d'Ivoire[1][4] Liberia[1][4] Nigeria[1][4] Sierra Leone[1][4]

The type locality is Cape Mount in Liberia.[4]

Its presence in Ghana is uncertain.[1]


The shape of the shell is ovate.[4]

The width of the shell is 20 mm.[4][7] The height of the shell is 22–23 mm.[4][7]


Afropomus balanoidea lives in clean water in ditches, creeks and small rivers.[1][4] It requires a high concentration of oxygen.[1]


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